Building Project

We purchased land here in Hague on January 13, 2016 to build a larger church. Our new land is on W Service Road (the old Valley Ford site). As of December 2017 our new land was paid in full. Praise be to God!!

​Our Building Committee consists of Dennis E, Dave F, Harv F, Terry T, Shaun U and Alison W. If you're interested in helping them organize fundraising, please let them know. They'd love your help!

​Our Building Committee shared that our new building will seat 300 in the sanctuary (double our current building). It will cost about $1.5 million. They will start building after $250,000 is available from our giving. Keep in mind that as of March 2018 we have had 18 families pledge to give about $140,000 ... with His help, we can do this HGC!! As you are led to give, please give to the general offering (we only give directly to a "building fund" when fundraising). If you have fundraising ideas, please let Shaun U know.

​The Committee has 2 questions they would like us to consider and they will provide a way for you to respond:

​1. What do we need?

2. What are we trying to do in building our new church?

​The Building Committee welcomes communication with you, HGC. Let them know if you have questions.


​Stay tuned for updates!