Prayer Ministry


Prayer Team

Here at HGC we have a group of prayer warriors who are devoted to pray for all requests that come forward. When a request comes forward everyone on the prayer team is emailed the request with a follow up text message to ensure we're all aware to pray. Our prayer team will also ensure those without email are phoned and left a message. If you would like to grow in prayer by serving as a faithful prayer warrior on our prayer team, please let Melissa D know at or 306.225.2264.


Weekly Prayer Meetings

A few of our lady prayer warriors on our prayer team gather every Wednesday night here at HGC at 7:00 pm to lift up prayers and praises to God. There's no prior commitment needed. If you're free, please join us! If you have any questions or if you have a prayer item for one of these meetings, please let Melissa D know at or 306.225.2264.

We also have a group of men who meet to pray Wednesdays at HGC at 9:00 pm. If you're free, please join! If you have questions, please let Dennis E know or contact the church office at or 306.225.2264.